Falling in love all over again….

A strange title for a travel blog I’ll admit, but where the city of Venice is concerned it has meaning on many different levels. 

I first came to Venice on an overnight train from Austria as a penniless student 27 years ago. My friend and I stayed less than 9 hours and I don’t think we could have spent more than about £5 all day! 

25 years later I came a second time with Simon for his 40th for a long weekend and this time did it properly and was much better placed to be able to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the city.

It was therefore with much anticipation that we arrived for a few days break before embarking on a cruise around the Mediterranean. 

With temperatures peaking above 30’c perhaps for the first time we were able to really enjoy the glories of the cities architecture as it should be experienced with clear blue skies, long lunches in the shade and with warm evening walks after a concert in one of its many churches.

Having already seen many of the sights previously, this meant we could take our time to explore some of the many back streets and just sit under a shady tree and imbibe the atmosphere away from the crowds.

Wandering the back streets we were also able to indulge our love of photography, trying to capture the unusual or unexpected view.

Still there are some touristy things that just have to be done – coffee in St Mark’s square the locals way (€1.20 at the bar or €7 seated outside!) and the many city churches to name but two.

Despite all the glitz and the glamour of a Cunard cruise stretching ahead of us, time spent just being together with someone special and enjoying the simple delights of  wonderful fresh pasta by a quiet canal or curling up with a good book and a coffee can be just as  fulfilling. 

In my book Venice ticks all these boxes and so many more, and is a city of which I will never tire.


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