The long road home….

According to the sat nav it’s about 1100km from Cap d’Agde back to the tunnel so with 4 days before our return date we thought we had finally better to start the journey home. 

With the poor weather of the previous night still hanging around we decided to make the first day a day of driving. As usual we opted for the long climb up the free A75 motorway from Beziers to Clermont Ferrand rather than the more gentle toll roads via Bordeaux or Lyon. With numerous hills to climb and descend it may not be the quickest motorway but it certainly is one of the prettiest and even with the toll over the Millau viaduct (spectacular views included below) still the cheapest way to travel north in our experience.

Our destination was a small campsite just into the Limousin region, somewhere we both love for its peace and tranquility. This doesn’t mean however that you can’t still have comfort and with both indoor and outdoor pool areas this was place was perfect and superbly maintained.

Partaking of the onsite restaurant also meant a night off cooking for me – a double luxury! 

The next day after a morning relaxing around the pool we set off just before lunchtime with a view to traveling until one of us (usually me as the passenger!) had had enough. So it was we ended up at Chateaudun, an impressive rock outcrop surmounted by an even more impressive Chateau. Unfortunately when we got there all 7 motorhome parking bays were occupied but just as we were looking for alternatives 3 vans up’d and left…perfect timing!

As you can see from the picture below, the free aire is fabulously located but it does mean an awful lot of steps if you wish to visit the old town on top of the hill! Still after an afternoon of sitting in the van we needed the exercise so dragged ourselves up for a few drinks and a mooch around.

Earlier we had got chatting to a Scottish couple who had kindly invited us round for a drink, so after dinner we found ourselves listening in awe to stories from the 12 year gap tour of the world the lovely Bet and Andy had been enjoying since retiring!

Somewhat worse the wear for good Spanish Reserva, the next morning, rather later than intended, we headed off for our penultimate stop back to the fabulous aire at Neufchâtel – our home two weeks previously! Arriving nice and early however we were able to take advantage of finally being able to go and see the town, a short stroll away along a green cycle way that runs for about 50km from Dieppe inland.

Luckily we had again hit on a local music event, this time a couple of rather good singers who quickly had the small crowd that had braved the earlier showers to line dance and jig away the evening. Heading back to Tilly for some very good bavette steaks we were both humming away and agreed we had thoroughly enjoyed our evening!

And so here we are on our final evening of this trip at one of our favourite Aires at Montreuil. After dodging rain since heading north, the sun has finally returned and we’ve had a lovely day exploring the delights of this fortified town once again.

Currently sitting outside a bar listening to yet another local band, fully realising just how lucky we are to be able to enjoy this roaming lifestyle. 

All being well, this time tomorrow we will be back home having dropped Tilly off to have the evidence of her fight wth the tree in Spain fixed. With more trips coming up over the next few months, both with and without Tilly, we are both looking forward to adventures anew. 


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