Well it’s certainly not Blackpool…!

After making a clear decision when we set off to avoid the busy french coastal resorts in July, in the end we decided that we just couldn’t come this far and not spend some time near the sea! First port of call after our days in the Catalonian hills therefore was just south of Palafrugell, strictly speaking not quite on the coast but certainly within reach!

With the sun shining our primary agenda here was old fashioned sunbathing, making use of the beautiful swimming pool and enjoying the odd cocktail! Whilst we both enjoy our road trips there is a lot to be said for sometimes just stopping and relaxing and with temperatures hitting 36c now was definitely that time!

After two days chilling, and with our french gas bottle having now run out, our next stop was back over the border in Collioure. As well as the gas refill, this was a town I had been wanting to visit since reading a book set in the area. Back in France it was also time to forgoe expensive campsites and revert back to Aires, albeit in the south most good ones you do pay for. However for €10 a night you couldn’t really argue with this one as it did include a free shuttle bus down into and back up the steep road into the town!

So after all my preconceived ideas, whilst the town is indeed in a stunning setting and has a beautiful harbour area, with the multitude of gift shops, eateries and tourist tat, in the height of July it did feel somewhat overrun. 

Back up in Tilly however, sheltered in the hills the views were gorgeous. Maybe one to revisit when things are somewhat quieter!

Our final coastal visit before the long drag north was to the southern french resort of Cap d’Agde. Purpose built in the 1960s there is definitely a taste of Blackpool here with alleyways of tat, fast food outlets (albeit churros rather than chips) and even a garish late night funfair.  Alongside that however there is also an attractive marina and harbour front where we had a very un-Blackpool ish bowl of mussels and a large wooded area bordering the worlds largest naturist resort!

The highlight of Cap d’Agde however has to be the wonderful miles of beach, walking along in the waves taking in the sounds and sights. 

Our final night in the south was marked by a spectacular thunderstorm with lots of sheet lightning. Luckily we both love thunderstorms so no problem there, but between the rain on the roof and the thunder they definitely interrupt our sleep patterns! So it was with slightly heavy eyelids that we set off on our journey back north….


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