Over the border 

After a good night’s sleep and a trip to the local boulangers for breakfast, we set off early the next morning heading south down the toll road. I know there is lots of debate on the motorhome fora about whether you should or shouldn’t fork out the extra but sometimes when you just want to get somewhere, we take the view that they are worth the extra expense.

So it was, just after lunch we arrived in the pretty little village of Leon. Our home for the night was the large grassy aire just near the lake and surprisingly given the beautiful location, was relatively empty!

A stroll down to the lake however quickly made it clear that this is a very popular spot with day trippers. With facilities to hire pedalos, wind surfing boards, canoes and even electric boats there was no shortage of things to do and with a selection of restaurants and snack bars no shortage of places to eat and drink.

After a light supper of homemade burger together with frites bought from the snack bar we headed back to the lake for a trip out on the pedalo and a drink at the hotel bar. However prime excitement was saved for last……

As those of you who follow our blog will have realised by now one of our “things” is holiday mini-golf and there is a great one here open until 10pm which we took full advantage of in the evening sunlight. Top marks to Simon here who thrashed me most convincingly!

And so the following day, 5 days after we set off from London, as Bastille day dawned across France after a short morning drive we finally made it into Spain, crossing the border just east of San Sebastián and heading down to Pamplona, home of the infamous bull running festival. Most importantly the drizzle and cloud that had dogged us all the way through France also finally left us as we came down out of the Pyrenees into the shimmering heat of the north Spanish plains.

Our chosen destination was to follow the course of the river Ebro into Rioja wine country and after some deliberation about town or country, pulled up next to the Parque de la Grejera a beautiful reservoir just outside Logrono.

Officially out home for the night is just a car park, but what it lacked in terms of facilities (none!) is more than made up for in location. For most of the afternoon we virtually had the place to ourselves and it wasn’t until evening time that the locals appeared heading for the one and only bar with the stunning views and the family of swans and cygnets that quickly showed the more inquisitive children exactly how far they could go!

Most excitingly the park is also home to a thriving population of wild red squirrels and in the quiet of the late evening we were able to get really quite close! 

By 10pm most of the evening visitors had departed and there were only three motorhomes left in the car park alongside us. So with temperatures still in the low 30’s we settled down for a warm but very relaxing night dreaming of the pleasures that awaited us in Spain. 


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